Supermarkets - take real action on climate change

The global food system is responsible for a third of greenhouse gas emissions. In the UK, the big supermarkets control over 90% of the groceries market so when it comes to the weekly shop, most of us have little choice over what’s on the shelves and how it got there.

We investigated the UK’s supermarkets and found that they’re all failing to live up to their climate commitments, particularly on meat and dairy. To encourage them to do better, we’ve created the Golden Turnips awards. Now we need your help to make sure they get the message.

Can you send an email to the CEOs to deliver the awards?​

The awards are:

  • The Golden Turnip for the worst use of ‘fake farm’ labelling - awarded to Tesco for their extensive use of meaningless meat labels
  • The Golden Turnip for least commitment to sourcing and selling better meat - awarded to Iceland
  • The Golden Turnip for the least transparency on the climate impact of their meat and dairy - awarded to Lidl

And a special mention:

  • The Golden Pea for the best work to address the climate impact of the meat they sell - but can they go even further? Co-op

Fill in your details, pick a supermarket and let them know they have won!