Food waste is a major climate issue – tell Boris Johnson to include it in his climate plan!

It has been 10 years since Feedback first started calling for action on food waste as an environment and climate issue. So much has happened since then – but sadly we still aren’t seeing the progress we need to protect our environment and prevent global heating. Food waste reduction has so far been business-led, with slow progress and patchy results. It’s time for a new approach.  

Setting an ambitious goal to halve food waste, as quickly as possible, can help the UK take a big step towards achieving our climate goals. Tackling food waste properly isn’t about charities helping to redistribute supermarkets’ surplus food, or remembering to freeze our bread before it goes off. It’s fundamentally about real, government-led action at every level of our food system to address the root causes of endemic waste.

We face a golden opportunity: Boris Johnson is announcing the UK’s climate plan in December, and this is the perfect time to urge him to include ambitious action on food waste.

Businesses have already lent their support – now we need to show him that UK citizens want food waste to finally receive the attention it deserves. 

Join us in writing to the Prime Minister before its too late to include food waste in our climate plan.