Tell the UK supermarkets to stop the greenwash!

Feedback's latest research finds greenwash is rife among UK supermarkets. While the retail giants have been quick to adopt climate-friendly marketing, with ‘green’ packaging, climate targets, and advertising campaigns, they've done little to address one of the biggest drivers of their climate footprint: industrial meat and dairy sales. Greenwash and gimmicks are being used to distract, mislead us and kick the climate can down the road - while supermarkets make even more profit.

We are calling for:

  • Complete transparency by retailers about how much of their climate footprint is linked to meat and dairy sales;
  • Urgent publication of clear and realistic pathways to net zero emissions which includes targets to sell less of their highest-emitting products;
  • Action to drop promotions on meat and dairy products with immediate effect – in the same way some retailers have dropped promotions on products high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS).

Sign our petition to tell the CEO's of the top 10 UK supermarkets enough is enough. It's time to stop the greenwash and start taking real climate action.