In the UK we eat double the recommended maximum sugar intake – and it’s making us and our children sick, contributing to dangerous levels of childhood tooth decay, diabetes and other forms of diet-related ill health. Sugar is bad for our health, and worse for the health of our soils. Between 400,000-600,000 tonnes of prime topsoil is removed from UK fields with the sugar beet harvest each year.

Yet supermarkets, where we buy the majority of the sugar we consume, have failed to respond to this public health emergency. New research from Feedback and Action on Sugar found that nine out of ten UK supermarkets are failing to measure how much sugar they sell and none of them have a clear target to reduce their sugar sales across the board. 

We want the UK’s supermarket bosses to take responsibility for their role in excessive sugar consumption and set a target to reduce their sugar sales by two-thirds by 2030.