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A staggering 40% of the world’s food is wasted every single year.

In fact, tackling food waste is one of the best tools we have to avert the climate crisis and while millions go hungry, no food should be wasted.

After a decade of failing to act voluntarily, most UK food companies still keep their food waste hidden from public view. This means the businesses causing waste can avoid responsibility, farmers suffer in silence as their food is rejected, and the food waste piles up.

Now we have a historic opportunity. After 3 years of delay, the government is finally proposing a new legal requirement for larger food companies to publish the food they waste. This would be the first legislation of its kind in the world - creating transparency and accountability so food waste in businesses can finally be tackled!

Without public pressure, there’s a huge risk this vital food waste law could be delayed and watered down. Coverage could be limited, and farms could be excluded completely.

We need your help to ensure that the government delivers on its promise - will you email the government to demand action now?

Our key 3 demands:

  1. To make food waste reporting a legal requirement for all large and medium sized businesses (including franchises), with penalties for non-compliance
  2. To include food waste from primary production (farms) because as much food is wasted on farms as all other UK businesses put together 
  3. To start reporting by 2023 for businesses who already have data, and 2024 for businesses who don’t. No more delays!

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